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Me. Kaushiki C. Sukhoo

A registered and practicing barrister-at-law within the Mauritian jurisdiction.

Professional Journey

She started her legal journey at the University of Central Lancashire, where she graduated with First-Class Honours at undergraduate level. She then pursued the Bar Practice Course at the University of Law and a Master of Laws in Financial and Commercial Law yet again at the University of Central Lancashire. She is now a PhD Candidate in the field of Medical Law at the University of Mauritius, navigating the intricacies of the medico-legal relationship at its best.

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Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law

Deals with injuries from accidents or negligence, seeking compensation for victims.

Medical Negligence

Involves improper care by healthcare professionals causing harm, leading to claims.

Family Law

Covers legal issues related to family relationships, including divorce and child custody.

Landlord and Tenant disputes

Involves disagreements over rental agreements, property conditions, and eviction processes.

Employment Law

Governs workplace relationships, addressing wrongful termination, discrimination, and employee rights.

Commercial Litigation

Handles business-related disputes, including contract breaches and partnership conflicts.

Advisory Services

Provides expert legal guidance on various matters, helping clients navigate challenges.

Disciplinary Committees

Addresses misconduct within organizations, ensuring accountability and enforcing standards.

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We understand that taking legal action can be quite a daunting task. We endeavour to work with you to understand your case and provide advice tailored to your needs to help you choose the best approach to resolve your dispute. Ideally, we opt for alternative methods to settle the dispute out of court to minimise costs while preserving your best interests. If the case goes all the way to court, we represent you and keep you informed of where you stand every step of the way.

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    Personalised legal advice tailored to your case.

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    Prioritising out-of-court settlements to save costs.

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